Long-Term Upside For Doctor Partners

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Time.

Building a practice has cost you all of this and more.

So…why not get MORE for your practice?

At SPP, we believe that your hard work and dedication should be rewarded with long-term financial success…

Not getting stiffed by only receiving a fraction of your collections.

You invest years into your practice, into building a team, into creating lasting community-wide relationships…and not even be able to sell it for one meager year’s worth of collections??

You deserve more than simply 80% of your collections.

Sadly, here’s the reality:

When a DSO buys a dental practice, they pay between 60% – 85% of collections. But when it comes time for a recapitalization or exit event, they seek valuations that will pay them around 325% for the same practice on average. 

And guess what? They keep that upside.

But with SPP, you are able to participate in the upside that is typically reserved for DSOs. 

Not only that, but you enjoy consistent opportunities to continue building wealth as we grow as a team.

Doesn’t that make more sense?

After all, YOU are the one who invested all the time, money, and effort into building the practice.

Our dental partners benefit from the collective success of the group, instead of just a one-time payout. 

We believe that the practices that make our group successful should financially thrive with us.

Plus, joining a Dental Partnership Group like SPP offers more than just financial benefits. 

You will be a part of something bigger with like-minded dentists, and you will have access to back-end support for accounting, HR, marketing, and more! 

All while still maintaining the majority ownership of your practice with complete clinical and business autonomy.

Don’t settle for a one-time payout that only equals one year’s worth of collections. 

Discover how you can maximize your practice value, receive on-going management support, and a more enjoyable lifestyle!