Less Stress & More Time: Dr. Greenhalgh

Relieve stress and worry.

Trying to handle everything in your practice is a recipe for disaster. Not only is it very inefficient, but it can also be flat-out dangerous if the stress keeps piling up.

That’s what Dr. Greenhalgh was concerned about – overseeing a thriving dental practice without carrying all that stress day in and day out.

Turning to friends and SPP Co-Founders, Dr. Nic Mirangiu and Dr. Landon Libby, he found the support he needed while still maintaining 100% autonomy of his practice.

Now, he longer stresses about many of the day-to-day tasks such as billing, human resources, marketing, and supply management, allowing him to focus more on patient care and less on administrative hassles…not to mention significantly more time!

Not only that, but being a part of SPP also means he receives valuable feedback and support on running his practice more effectively. He enjoys on-going communication from a community of top doctors who are eager to see you succeed and grow in your profession.

In addition, Dr. Greenhalgh discovered the peace of mind that comes to you and your family when you have a strong support system to rely on as well as various exit strategies to help maximize the value of your practice when the time comes to move on.

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If you would like to create a less stressful practice environment…while still maintaining 100% practice control…then contact us to learn how SPP can help.