Joining Forces: Be Part of Our Dental Mastermind

Desperately, he blurted out: “I want to double my practice over the next 12 months.”

This is the answer I got from a dentist when I asked about his goals.

And when I questioned him on HOW he plans on doing that…

The answer was to “work harder.” 

Yes, that is one way to effectively double your practice: 

To DOUBLE the amount of work, effort, and hours you put into it. 

But think about what you are asking for…is that really what you want?
Do you really want to work more?

Let me suggest a better…and less painful…way to reach any goal (business, personal, or otherwise)…through strategic partners.

If you fly into the Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, you will see an African proverb that holds the key… 

To a much more effective way of doubling your practice, shedding 10 pounds, or finally getting your finances in order.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.” 

In other words, when you ‘go together’ by finding the right partner…you will get further along in realizing your goals. 

That’s because the right partner will provide you with ‘shortcuts’ that will accelerate your progress. 

These are people that have already gone through the wrong turns and dead ends…and can now point out how to avoid any missteps along the path. 

The right partner can accelerate your growth x 10. 

And this is one of the major advantages that we bring to the table. As part of SPP, you gain access to all of our doctors, staff, and support team to assist you in your practice goals.

If your goal is to double your total patients, talk with one of our doctors that has already accomplished that.

If your goal is to remove more of the day-to-day responsibilities off of your shoulders, talk to our team and they can help you take the first steps.

The most effective way to reach your goals is to find a proven path that guides you along each step of the journey.

If you are looking to grow your practice while working fewer hours…then click the button below to schedule a Discovery Call. We’d love to show you how SPP can help you reach your goals faster.